About Stefanie

In addition to her job as a coordinator in Special Education Stefanie studied at the ArtEZ University of the Arts.
She is a great admirer of what she calls 'The ísness'. That what ís. The most pure, real and authentic thing in man. It is the counterpart of 'The shouldness', how man think people should be. With a fascination and love for the target group she works with, children with behavioral and psychiatric problems, she searches during her graduation year for the origins of psychiatric labels that are placed on people and she questions the reasonableness of this. Because if there is such a thing as 'abnormal' then there must also be a norm for 'normal'. 'What is normal' and 'Who is normal'? And 'Who determines that'?
During her quest, Stefanie peels off the human being until the purest inside, the ísness, remains. She bends the 'Deviation' into an 'Addviation'.

She works from traces that appear on her path and lets coincidence, the influence of force of nature and that which presents itself phenomenologically play a major role in her process. 
In this way she transforms the beauty of The ísness  into a completely new visual language.