About Stefanie

She is a great admirer of what she calls 'The ísness'. The most pure, real en authentic thing in man. In addition to her job in Special Education, with a fascination and love for the target group, children with behavioral and psychiatric problems, Stefanie studied at the ArtEZ University of the Arts. During her graduation year, she searches for the origins of psychiatric labels that are placed on people and she questions the reasonableness of this. Because if there is such a thing as 'abnormal' then there must also be a norm for 'normal'. She bends the 'Deviation' into an 'Addviation'.

For Stefanie, art is a tool to retrieve from the dark 'that which exists in concealment' and put it respectfully in the light. Her roots, the (pre-)parental nest, are a large breeding ground. She works from traces that appear on her path and lets coincidence, the influence of force of nature and that which presents itself phenomenologically play a major role in her process. In her own words; "I don't create my artwork, I just have to find it. Or it finds me. I only am the instrument that transformes 'what wants to be seen'
into a visible visual language."