Call from the Jungle!

... a journey into pure splendor, power and hidden deep suffering in the forest of Kalimantan.

The orangutan and human being, very much related in their being. Stefanie observed both and noted great similarities in behavior, trauma, and trauma-related expressions. The Voice from the Jungle called out to the Artist, the Artist left with a full backpack (a little clothing, some more trauma knowledge, a great love for and curiosity about soulmates, a photo of the biggest and most loving animal sponsor Zeeland had, and a packet of artist supplies) in the direction of Kalimantan.
An unequivocal mission; the Voice from the Jungle demanded to be heard.

With this exploration, a first step was taken toward the most beautiful and purest beings a human being can conceive of.... Our Soulmates in the jungle; the Orang (Forest) Utan (Man). A fellow inhabitant of our planet that, at the hands of us humans, is disappearing from our planet in deep concealment and at breakneck speed. 
Unless the Voice will be heard.

A mission to the right of full Existence.
While it still can.

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For every artwork sold, 10% goes directly to the orangutans in Jerora. (Food, medication, renovating the accomodation, etc) Click on picture to enlarge