Quest DienMoed...

... a search for ancestral hidden Right to Be.
A journey with many obstacles. And uncertain if 'giving full existence to Dienmoed', will be accomplished. 

Dienmoed, who lived in the village of Zeeland in the 19th century, was accused of witchcraft, even centuries after the horrors of the mass witch persecutions of the 14th to 17th centuries. At Dienmoed you couldn't come close 'because then you would be captured by giant ants'.

With my Quest Stefanie wants to take those who have not been seen and not been heard, and thát which was scrupulous stored in the deep darkness, with great care from the shadows and respectfully place them into the light. Giving a voice, giving a face. 'To be' retroactively has every right. The Right to Be! 

By searching in old archives, cell memory and in stories from tradition, many family members will find light in analogue photography. Old and new relatives of Dienmoed appear into the light, each at their own pace and their own ísness. "I don't have to create it, I just have to find it." "Or it finds me."

Quest DienMoed: a quest for the totaly Right to Be.