March to July 2020
Kunstation Uden.

Exhibition of artists from the municipalities Landerd and Uden in the context of the merger of those two. Unveiling artwork 'Formation' Sunday, July 5. Information:

Stefanie continues her search for the pure, real and authentic in people with the merger of the municipalities of Landerd and Uden. She hopes that in this merger, the similarities and contrasts of the 6 different villages may be visible and remain. A new unity that retains the individuality of each one. Because therein lies the beauty. The ísness.

During her graduation from the art academy, Stefanie went looking for the pure, real and authentic in people. For her quest for this she traveled to the mountain gorillas in Uganda. As Sir David Attenborough once said: 'You can't go further back to the origin of us people'.

Her work 'Uganda, ís', shown in this exhibition, is inspired by her experiences with the purity and reality of this extraordinary country. The overwhelming veracity of people and animals, traces and contrasts that she finds here, she shows in a variety of techniques such as photography, various drawing and painting techniques, often combined into collage work.